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Benefits of

Shri Shanti Solar Energy.

Potential Owner Benefits & Government Incentives

Shri Shanti Solar Energy can assists buyer to understand and help them maximize financial benefits that may arise high incentives benefits from Government.

Peak Electricity Cost Savings and Feed in Tariffs.

The cost of electricity from the grid is expected to rise in the coming years. Shri Shanti Solar Energy Module will help reduce this effect.

Indepence and Security


A single 2kw solar power system from Shri Shanti Solar Energy will reduce Co2 emission by about 2 tonnes per year thus helping earth more sustainable over the year and future generation to be more secure and healthy.

Benefits Of Solar

Did you know that by using solar energy you will improve the security grid and reduce the negative impact on environment?


A new solar process utilizing nanoparticles has to potential to nearly double the energy output per unit area of solar panels and is eco friendly.

Simple Plugin

Solar panels that plug into your home outlet, so you can start producing clean energy in just a few minute. Simply Plug

Save Money

Solar power can help you dramatically reduce the running costs of your property. The size of the solar power system you install has a great impact on the amount of money you save.